You don’t know how much I love psychological thriller and YOU is SO GOOD! It is addictive, full of mysteries, intrigue, intensity, and blood.

This series is an adaptation of Caroline Kepnes’ bestselling thriller with the same title. It’s an addictive drama starring Penn Badgley as Joe, a bookstore manager who actually is a stalker and psychopath. Joe tends to do everything in the name of love, including crossing extreme boundaries.

I wouldn’t say much about the story itself because I don’t want to ruin the mystery but I would like to tell you the reason why you should binge it now.


Contrary to Penn Badgley’s past series Gossip Girl where we got to know Dan Humphrey is the one keeping secrets on the very last episode, the viewers of YOU knew immediately that Joe is the one we should be careful about. His extreme obsession was shown on the pilot, and even on the trailer. So, the mystery became: What is he capable of doing? How far the obsessiveness and craziness are going to go? And creepily, it is very exciting because it feels like there’s no limit to it.

I love how the story is told from Joe’s point of view. It allows you to understand how his mind works and to some extent it kind of just the same as in reality (maybe not as extreme but it’s kind of the same behavior). Joe saw Beck and he immediately felt that she belongs to him. Then he started to get to know her by doing what everyone did in this day of age: stalking through social media. Luckily (and intentionally of course), Beck’s name is very unique and searchable. He immediately knew everything about her, including her address and her routine. So he started orchestrating some ways to make Beck fall for him in a very subtle way.


Isn’t that what people do now? Trying to get to know people through social media? Aren’t we all obsessed with something?

I think privacy is the biggest issue that brought up by this series. I love it because it’s so relatable to us even as a normal, non-psychopathic people because sometimes we are the one who voluntarily gave out our own private information without even realize it.

Just like any other good psychological thriller, this series is very twisted. The viewers (or at least me) is going to get to one point where they would question themselves “Why do I root for this destructive couple? Why do I want Joe to somehow realized his mistakes, be better, and end up with Beck?” even when he did some very awful things.


But calm down. There’s a reason behind why we felt that way.

“All of us who grew up on those great love stories, those romantic comedies, we’re kind of hardwired to root for the love story. So if you just present a cute-meet as it were in a bookstore, you’re gonna want them to be together. If you see them in the first scene, you’re gonna want them to be together. It turns out even if you see them do what Joe is doing in the trailer,” said the Executive Producer Sera Gamble.


And what even more mind-blowing is that, this series makes me realise something mentioned by Penn Badgley:

“We are, as a culture, very very quick to look for ways to judge women and forgive men in these [romantic] stories.”

You can watch all 10 episodes of season one on Netflix and there’s already an announcement for season two. I can’t wait! XOXO

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