A few days ago, I decided to watch Dragon Ball: Broly. I have no idea who Broly is and have no idea why people are so into the Dragon Ball franchise. But after watching this movie, I’m thinking about watching Dragon Ball from the start.

To be clear, I’m not totally blind about the franchise. I spent my childhood watching the anime besides my big brother every Sunday morning at 8:30. I know the main characters: Goku, Vegeta, Kuririn, Burma, Cici, Piccolo. I know there are 7 dragon balls that could make your wish come true. I also know that Goku dies several times, went to the afterlife, only to be alive again. But that’s basically all I know.

I’m not the best person who could tell you how the story goes, so I won’t bore you with the detail. But I will tell you what I love about it and why you should watch it, even if you’re as clueless as I am about Dragon Ball.

Why You Should Watch It Even If You’re Not a Dragon Ball Fan

Dragon Ball: Broly the Movie

I love how the movie humanized everyone, even the bad guys were relatable, not just another heavenly creatures who love to destroy the universe.

Burma wants to collect the dragon balls to look younger, on the other hand, Freeza wants to get the 7 dragon balls for his own selfish reason: to be taller.

I also love the fighting scene. I don’t really understand how they did it, but it makes the audience (at least me) feeling involved. It looks like a fighting scene that came out of video games, it feels like we are playing the video games. And it’s not all heavy violence, the fighting scenes came with hilarious jokes, making the scene become more enjoyable.

It feels relatable and it thrives in keeping the story simple and not too dramatic. It makes us focus on the main story: Broly.

This movie got me excited from the start. It began with the story of King Vegeta (the father of Vegeta) back in Vegeta planet. He found a baby boy named who is more powerful than his son, became insecure, and decided to send him to a distinct planet. Broly’s father, Paragus, was furious. He followed his son to the planet and trained him to be the most powerful Saiyan ever, so he could get his revenge to Vegeta.

Broly was raised in the wild, not knowing what happened in for hundreds of years until he was found. His father forces him to get his revenge on Vegeta. But actually, Broly is just another human who is a Saiyan (race of fighters), but also have a sense of a good heart.

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