“Do you ever feel like breaking down? Do you ever feel out of place like somehow you just don’t belong, and no one understands you?”

This Simple Plan’s Welcome to My Life lyrics resonance perfectly with Hailee Steinfeld’s The Edge of Seventeen which was released in 2016 (but just get into Netflix recently).

The Edge of Seventeen tells a story about Nadine, a seventeen-year-old who always feels alone and misunderstood since she was a little girl. At home, she always feels like a number 2 compared to her perfect brother-handsome, tall, friendly, charming Darian (Blake Jenner). Nadine feels like her mother always is proud of him, while she could only talk to her warming father at home.

At school, Nadine only has one best friend, Krista (Haley Lu Richardson). They go through and thin together, even when Nadine’s dad passed away and make Nadine so devastated. Krista has always been there for her, but then romance came.

One day, on a cold silent night, Krista and Darian fell in love. Nadine was furious. Her annoying brother stole the one and only true friend she has. She feels alone because she doesn’t like anybody else – and she thinks nobody likes her.

I was teared up pretty bad when I watched The Edge of Seventeen. I’m practically a crier but this movie really hits me hard. Sometimes we feel like “we’re the only one with real problems” and everyone just looks so happy and it makes us feel worse.

But Nadine’s mom said something very true: “Just think that other people are as miserable as you are, they’re just better at pretending.”

We have no idea what people go through every day. And social media makes it worse.

It makes us feel like we know someone’s life and aspiration, but the truth is, no. We know nothing about anyone, the only one who knows what is truly going on is themselves. So, we should try to stop comparing our happiness to others, no matter how hard it is.

Feeling left out, alone, misunderstood, are universal feelings that even adult also feel sometimes. Feeling “me against the world”, “nobody knows how I feel”, “this is the end of the world”, “I don’t know what to do”, are not exclusive to teenagers.

But, with the hormones and rage, teenagers feel a lot worse. So, if you made it alive through high school, you can make it through every rain.

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